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  • Creative Concept
  • Product Development
DATE 2021

25 lifestyle and cosplay creators supported the launch of the second season of Netflix’ The Witcher by unboxing a special The Witcher mailing. Whereas our lifestyle talents got a Witcher themed Foodbox, the cosplay talents could choose between three different sets of character-assets to complete a transformation into their favorite characters of the series.

Influencer thus received either everything they needed for a Witcher themed Netflix night to kick off that latest season or a set of their choice, to either show off the transformation process or the result of that transformation on their social media channels. In addition to this Lara Loft, one of the most well known german Cosplay talents, did a synchronisation for the recap of the first The Witcher season.

rsa Media developed the influencer concept for the launch of the new The Witcher season, the creative mailing, realized the dubbing and was responsible for handling all talents during the campaign period.