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  • Strategy
DATE 2022

As a brand with Danish roots, Skagen has aimed to make better environmental decisions and align with the progress of their origin. By developing their traditional watches and jewelry using sustainable materials like #tide ocean material, they are forcing the process towards a more responsible future and are willing to produce 100% of their traditional watches from sustainable materials by 2025.

To announce this new direction of Skagen and celebrate the launch of the new sustainable watches and jewelry, rsa Media created an expressive and impactful influencer campaign together with over 120 lifestyle, family and sustainable aware micro and macro talents on Instagram. Based on our concept, the goals were to build sustainable brand image, generate broad awareness and amplify the sustainable message of Skagen Denmark.

As a highlight of the campaign, we completed the activation by organizing and running a live shopping event on the Instagram channel of @sodasindwir and @skagendenmark to promote World Ocean Day. During a 30-minute live session, they shared their thoughts on sustainability, presented the new products and showed how they can be styled individually.