• Creative Concept
  • Production
  • Influencer Activation
CLIENT Netflix
DATE 2023

For the highly anticipated launch of the live-action adaptation of “ONE PIECE” on Netflix, we embarked on an exciting venture that brought together the worlds of manga, cosplay, gaming, and entertainment. We handpicked five talented German creators to be part of our project: @raafey17 transformed into the iconic Zoro with his distinctive green hair, @itsdyma embodied the spirit of Sanji, @annitheduck brought Nami to life, @gongbao portrayed Luffy, and @dillanxwhite stepped into the shoes of Usopp.

Together with Departd, we crafted five captivating transition videos, each showcasing one of the creators seamlessly transitioning into their respective “ONE PIECE” characters of the Netflix adaptation. The result was a fusion of creativity, passion, and fandom that resonated with both the loyal fanbase and newcomers alike.

To celebrate the series’ debut, we released a special group transition video featuring all of the creators together. This collective asset, shared on the official German Netflix channel, not only generated buzz but also highlighted the collaborative spirit that powered this project.