• Production
  • Influencer Activation
DATE 2023

Joining forces with FRoSTA, we seized the chance to bring an influencer activation to life during the OMR 2023. To maximize awareness for FRoSTA, generate buzz, and attract event visitors to their food stand we designed a fun and captivating competition featuring the influencer couple @marenschiller and @eugen.fink.

Provided with the same amount of exclusive coupons to distribute to event visitors Maren and Eugen challenged each other.Their mission was to persuade the attendees to visit the food stand and utilize the coupons. At the end, the talent with the most redeemed coupons was crowned the winner of the competition. Four additional talents who implemented the FRoSTA food stand in their Instagram stories and who were part of the hero talents’ content rounded off the activation at OMR.