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DATE 2023

For the launch of the special edition of Fossil x Star Wars, we planned and executed an influencer activation to boost the two product drops, "May the 4th" and "I Am Your Father."

Shortly before the official launch of the collection, the talents showcased a teaser of the special packaging and created anticipation with countdown stickers in IG Stories and TikToks, leading up to the official collection launch. For the official launch, all talents presented the products through traditional unboxing videos on Twitch and IG Stories. With great success, the special edition sold out in less than a day.

In the second phase, the talents showcased the "I Am Your Father" collection just a few hours before the official sales start, generating additional buzz on the online store and as an addition to the paid media campaign we produced. Through the influencer activation, we were able to reach a wider audience and tap into the followers and fanbases of the participating talents. Their engagement and enthusiasm further amplified the impact of the paid media campaign, resulting in increased visibility and interest in the product drops.