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CLIENT essence
DATE 2022

In 2022 essence celebrated their 20th birthday and together with them rsa Media implemented an exciting, creative and global campaign. 20 influencers from all over the world became the 20 faces of this campaign under the slogan: Make Beauty Fun!

In addition to communications, we took on the creative direction of the content of the 7 DACH faces. As part of this campaign, our faces implemented content that paid into the campaign and key messages, but still reflected each individual's preferences and creativity. As a kick-off of the campaign in May 2022, we organized an intimate brunch where 4 of the 7 DACH faces got to know each other as well as the brand’s values and the campaign specific Make Beauty Fun products. Another element of the campaign were 4 events all over Germany, where essence lovers and customers were able to get to know and love the brand in a playful way. Each of these events was hosted by one of our faces and was individually tailored to their interest & communities. There was a sustainability event in Cologne with @angieberbuer, an LGBTQIA+ event in Berlin with @dimxoo and a sports event in Hamburg with @zoe.laetizia.

To conclude the campaign, our 7 Faces as well as 3 international Faces visited the Lollapalooza Festival in Berlin together. At the essence booth on the festival grounds, the visitors and our talents were awaited by exciting products, a beauty bar for the perfect look and a crafting corner where, among other things, personalized cell phone chains could be made - everything according to the campaign slogan: MAKE BEAUTY FUN!