• Influencer Activation
DATE 2021

Just in time for the online premiere of DON'T LOOK UP on December 24th, we collaborated with 20 TikTok influencers to build awareness for the new movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. The videos are based on the film's black humor and focus on bizarre and funny content.

To implement the campaign, an excerpt from the original soundtrack of the film was created, which could then be used by the participating talents, turning it into creative and humorous TikToks using the hashtag #howcertainisthis. The initial video was uploaded on Netflix’ german TikTok channel with the original sound, while our talents used the sound and campaign hashtag in their own viral videos. The notion was to depict situations or ideas people think are better than they actually are - such as the likelihood of drunk texting an ex-partner again after too many glasses of red wine.

By supporting the campaign through native ads we nearly reached 20 million views under the official Netflix sound.