• Influencer Activation
DATE 2022

Together with 12 talents from Germany and France, we are celebrating Diesel’s latest summer collection with focus on the new Diesel Split watches and jewelry of the D-Logo series. Whereas the Split watches were enhanced with additional technical and design details, the jewelry collection integrates the D as a brand mark and refers impressively to Diesel's long history. The different styles and highlights of the redesigned collections were featured on Instagram in various posts, reels & stories shared by our talents, as well as stylish combinations of the watches and jewelry with selected Diesel fashion pieces.

Focusing on generating brand heat and traffic, the aim was to reach the right target groups, especially GenZ and Diesel brand lover. With well-known talents like @billkaulitz, @bene.sz or @bastoswithlove, this was not only successfully achieved, but also ensured a high-quality campaign with high media value.

Bene from the @elevatorboys trying on different styles for his favorite Diesel look